A community-driven Coin Baby Volt!

Cute dog with a ton of voltage! Baby Volt is a cryptocurrency community token aka memecoin designed to support the official cryptocurrency token Volt Inuwith plans to become more scarce and bring it’s community multiple in real life utilities over time...


About BabyVolt

Why to choose BabyVolt?

All holders of Baby Volt will eventually be rewarded by receiving Volt rewards by simply holding Baby Volt coins in their wallet. Stay tuned for the amazing things $BVOLT will be bringing to the cryptocurrency space & watch the amount of Volt you earn from every buy & sell that will be happening in the Baby Volt ecosystem..

Baby Volt will bring superior 3D cross compatible NFT assets that are engineered for Metaverse integration, as well as translating into 2D Play-to-Earn game which will be available to every holder & give everyone the option to also earn their other favorite cryptocurrencies just by participating in their platform.

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Prepare for the life changing opportunities we are bringing you!

Baby Volt will capitalize on 4 of the largest utilities of the blockchain, Crypto, P2E gaming/GameFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse - the complete package!

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

KYC Verified, Doxxed Development Team & Contract Source Code Is 100% Verified!.

Instant Exchange

Instant Exchange

Instantly Swap To Any Network Of Your Choice Without Paying Expensive Fees & Waiting For Identity Verification..

World Coverage

Strategic Partnerships

Will Give The Opportunity To Grow Other Cryptocurrency Projects Through Their Own Strategic Partnerships & Connections Which Are Doxxed & Verified Resources.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Play-to-Earn GameFi Arcade Which Will Also Offer “Gambling” for the high rollers who like “high risk, high reward” (With the Support Of Our Community & investors we believe we will be able to accomplish all of our goals for baby volt!).

Strong Network

Strong Network

Baby Volt launched exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain Network & will be bridging over to multiple other well known cryptocurrency networks overtime as well as multiple other exchanges & swaps giving investors easier access to trade using their choice of swap/exchange. Baby Volt is designed to stand strong and become a potential top tier multi million dollar plus GameFi & Metaverse Project Over The Next Five Years.

Margin Trading


100 Million BVOLT token supply with 10% on every buy and sell, liquidity locked for 5 months with plans to extend the lock on every marketcap milestone reached. 15% available for any future CEX listings and application developments when needed, a very capable verified team, along with strong strategic partnerships that will be announced overtime.

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